Welcome Back

I kept getting an intuitive impulse to start my blog back up again after shutting it down for the second time a few years ago. I decided this time I’m doing it for me not what I was hoping to get out of it before—global domination and complete adoration along with tons of money. I’m kidding but my fairytale prone brain was convinced that was at least somewhat possible. This time around I want it to be completely me not just what I feel safe enough to share about myself, which was basically nothing. I can’t imagine why I didn’t have millions of followers. Yes, that was sarcasm. I’m brutally honest with myself even when I wish I could ignore what’s standing in front of me. I’ve finally figured out that I need to be myself and share that with the world not because people will like me more or respond better, but because I want to be that person who is completely confident to be herself. I may not be that person all the time yet and some days not at all, but that’s the goal. So I’m following the impulse and starting this journey again from a new perspective knowing that that changes everything. Welcome to my journey.