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I wanted to share a blog that I love.  I discovered Mowielicious back in 2009, when I was on my road trip.  I thought it was interesting that we’d both started blogging about the same time.  However, unlike my blog which has never had more than a handful of readers (I mostly feel like I’m posting for myself), Mowie has grown his blog into a thriving business.  It’s been great to watch the blog go from comments from all his friends to a portfolio of a professional food photographer and stylist.  And as good as his pictures are, his styling talents are even more amazing.



I fell in love with this colorful tableware when I saw it in a store on Rue de Rennes in Paris called Plastiques that only sells colorful plastic items.  Every time I walked by, I would stop in the store and look at all the fun things they had.  I always came back to the Guzzini espresso cups and spoons.  They’re just so cheery and fun.

Guzzini mixes porcelain and stainless steel with plastic for color and the result is fabulous.  It’s elegant yet casual.  It would be great for summer entertaining out by the pool, though some items are made of breakable porcelain.  The pictures below that I pulled from their website are taken from the four collections I like the best.  However, they have many more items and various other collections from which to choose.

They have a US showroom and distribution, which can probably tell you if any stores in your area carry the line.  You can also find some of their products on Amazon.

Emma Bridgewater

I stumbled upon the Emma Bridgewater store in Marylebone when I was in London and immediately loved their fun and whimsical dinnerware.  It just makes me smile and feel playful and childlike.  I prefer the earthenware dinnerware, but their patterns also come in plastic for picnics and they sell towels and bedding.  You can even buy the fabric by the meter, if you want to make a tablecloth or placemats.  Genius.  You can also personalize mugs and pet bowls.

I really like the Polka Dot and Sampler lines, which are their two most extensive lines, though there’s always the Union Jack line for all the British mania that has been happening this year.  The Pink Hearts and Sampler would be fun for Valentine’s day.

They do ship to the US, though you’d need to place a somewhat substantial order to make the cost of shipping worthwhile.  When I talked to the woman at the store about shipping the pottery to the States, she said breakage wasn’t much of a problem.