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Lash Tint

Anyone who has seen me on any given day knows that I never wear makeup.  I’m not sure how exactly I bypassed that feminine rite of passage, but I’ve just never liked it.  I feel like I have on a façade; it just doesn’t feel like I’m me anymore.  That sounds all twig and granola, and then I look at pictures of myself and think, Why didn’t you put on some makeup? You look like a corpse.


One of the beauty rituals that I love to do is dye my eye lashes.  I have really long, naturally curled lashes that I love.  However, they range in color from blond to light brown, which means by the time I apply enough mascara to cover them adequately, the mascara has clumped.


A lot more salons and spas are offering this service.  (Except, apparently, in Paris, the fashion capital, where I lived for the past five months.  My poor little lashes have been blond and pale for months.)  If you want your lashes to stay really black, you need to get touch-ups every two weeks.  Normally, once a month will suffice, though I’ve stretched it out to 6-8 weeks and I’ve still had some with color on them.


The most I’ve ever paid is at an upscale salon in Beverly Hills and that was $40 including tip.  I tried getting it done while I was in Paris, but the only place that I could find that did the tinting was the spa at a luxury hotel.  The wanted €60, basically $100 with tip, which is why I can show you a before photo of my virgin lashes, which haven’t been dyed in almost six months.


Below are the before and after pictures.  I have on absolutely no makeup, no concealer, no nothing.  These pictures have not been retouched at all, other than to adjust the white balance and exposure so my skin looks the same color in both of them.  The only difference is that my eyelashes are dyed.