About Me

Welcome to my travel/exploration/emotional journey blog.  I love to travel and explore, whether it’s a place, a culture, a language, food or a new concept.  I’m a photographer who loves taking pictures of nature and landscapes but who is equally enthralled with art and architectural details.  Yes, I’m that weirdo lying on the ground to get a picture of the boiserie at Versailles.  I’m also that person who thinks diving with Great White Sharks would be fun.  I’m very clear that my intention in life is to have fun, and I’m so proud of myself for being able to say that.  It’s been a long and winding journey to get here, which I’ll probably go into at some point, but I really want to focus on the positive and where I’m going instead of where I’ve been.  Right now is all that matters and feeling good right now is the only thing.  With that in mind, I’m ready to start on this new journey and embrace all the fabulous ways the universe can delight and surprise.
I hesitated to write about the past versions of this blog because I wanted to start fresh and not think of all the ways I tried to make it work in the past, but my intention with this blog moving forward is to combine the spiritual and emotional energy work I do as a life coach with my love of exploring and traveling.  I started this blog to document my road trip of the US and Canada that I took in 2009.  I thought just by existing, it would garner attention and be a big hit and I could earn money and travel as a job for the rest of my life, despite the fact that I was closed off emotionally, didn’t really connect with people, didn’t know how to meet or start a conversation with people, actively avoided people and was unwilling to share my fears, vulnerabilities or mistakes.  This blog has had various incarnations as a food blog, back to travel, then lifestyle and fashion and then life coaching and then just shut down.  Nothing I did made it work and so my belief was manifested.  Then I joined Instagram and started following people and I realized the ones I enjoyed the most and kept following were the ones who were honest and open and above all joyful.  They had fun and didn’t just show the facade of that, but were truly being joyful about the experience or were able to show the mistakes, obstacles or just plain clusterfucks and laugh it off.  I wanted to be more like that, not so I could be a successful social media influencer, though I’d like that too, but because I want to feel that way.  I want to live my life that way.  I want to be that person who bounces like a child at a beautiful sunset or squeals with laughter.  I just want to be who I truly am and show that to the world.  If no one ever reads this blog, I’m ok with that.  It’s more about me being authentic and doing what feels right to me instead of what I think people will respond to.
So in that vein, I am an intuitive energetic life coach, but it’s mostly for myself and friends.  It’s another area that I’ve tried to make work as a career and always felt like a fraud because I wasn’t fully healed and perfect myself, so how could I say I can help other people?  I know now that it’s because of my own experiences that make me so talented and insightful when it comes to other people.  I’ll be writing as I live, which is by way of Law of Attraction.  If I’m seeing it, I’ve created it and invited it into my life.  No matter how good or bad it is, I did that.  The responsibility and the power is mine.  That’s easier said than done though.  I know—I’ve spent years figuring out what works for me.  Any recommendations I give are based on my history and experiences and are given as options to people.  Find what works for you.  I am not a doctor and if I’m honest, I really never go see one because I don’t think Western medicine looks at the whole human being.
This blog is a reflection of my perspective based on what I’m doing on any particular day.  I love to travel and do it on a regular basis, but it’s really about my emotional journey and my energetic expansion resulting from my travels and exploration into the unknown.  I want to share that journey with you, because I want to be open to all the possibilities of interacting with amazing, generous, fabulous people along the way.  Ask me anything and I will answer honestly.  I’m a Virgo, so organization and lists are a way of life for me.  So whether it’s practical, like what jacket did you take, or emotional, like how do you get through the day when you just want to commit suicide, ask it.  I’ve probably experienced it and have a suggestion.  Whether that suggestion is right for you is up to you.