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Explorer, Adventurer, Traveler, Student of Life

Jack of All Trades or Renaissance Woman is probably the best way to describe me.  I love to explore and learn new things and I know a little bit about almost everything.  Sometimes it’s a little creepy the random facts I have stored in my brain.

I think of my life as normal, but when I really look at everything I’ve done and the routes that I’ve taken, my life is anything but conventional.  I grew up in a small town in Michigan (pop. 3,000, one stop light), went to college in Washington, DC (I went for International Affairs because I wanted to travel; then I found out that major equals politics.  I now have a degree in Theatre and Art History), and then moved out to Los Angeles with a brief stop in Las Vegas.  I know, random that I lived in Las Vegas for six months working for a costume designer making showgirl costumes.

I’ve been in Los Angeles for over ten years now, including time away for my travel adventures.  I’ve bounced around in different jobs in different industries.  Yes, I’ve worked for celebrities; no, I will not be saying who.  Believe me, they’re just people.  In 2009, I took a six-month road trip across the United States and Canada.  I drove 22,500 miles and visited 39 states and 4 Canadian provinces.  I spent the first six months of 2012 living in Paris, studying French at the Sorbonne.  In the summer of 2014, I returned to Italy for the first time in fifteen years.

I’m now back in Los Angeles, planning my next adventure.

Some of my interests:  Travel, Photography, Cooking, Baking, Hiking, Scuba Diving, Flying Trapeze, Pole Dancing, Art and Art History, Interior Design and Architecture, Fashion and Shopping (I can sew; I used to work for a costume designer, see above), Film, TV & Theatre (I used to be an actor), Entertaining and throwing parties

About my Blog:

This lifestyle blog encompasses everything in my life–travel, food, fashion, art, home and entertaining.  It started out as a way to document my road trip in 2009, but I decided to reinvent the travel blog and expand the scope.  This blog is a reflection of who I am and how I create and live my life.  Since I have such a wide range of interests, this blog may seem a bit like an acid trip, or at least a bit incongruous.  Yes, I use the word incongruous in my everyday life–that’s just who I am.  And yes, I know it sounds a bit pretentious, but then so does pretentious.

I’ve included all my photo galleries from my road trip in 2009 and my pictures from my baking and cooking adventures in 2009 and 2010, though I have not included the posts that went along with them, as I wanted a fresh start on my new website, even if the name is the same, at least for the moment.  If you would like the recipes for any of the food pictures, please contact me.

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