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Maison Kayser NYC


My favorite Parisian boulangerie is now stateside, albeit on the opposite coast.  Maison Kayser has opened its first US outpost on New York’s Upper East Side.  Eric Kayser is touted as having the best baguette in Paris, but my preference is the Tumeric loaf, which is bright yellow and filled with hazelnuts, though the olive bread is delicious too. If you’re in New York (or Paris), make a point to stop by. (There are multiple locations in Paris.) Now I just have to make a trip to New York and, oh yeah, get rid of the gluten allergy I developed while eating my way through Kayser’s repertoire in Paris.



Hummingbird in the flowers, Rocky Mountain National Park

The other day I was telling two of my friends separately about something that had happened in my life and both of them said somewhat sarcastically, “It’s a Christmas miracle.”  Because they both said the exact same phrase, it got me to thinking about miracles and how we either don’t believe in them anymore or don’t see them.  We of advanced modern scientific thinking don’t believe in miracles or can show scientifically why or how something happened, so nothing is considered a miracle anymore.

What is a miracle? There is so much of the world and even our brains that science can’t explain.  Even Einstein said, “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”  If you think about it in metaphysical terms, both sides are true. Everything in life is a miracle, and if everything is a miracle, then it’s a common everyday occurrence, which means it’s not an extraordinary event, hence not a miracle. The joy is found in believing everything is a miracle, and life is about experiencing joy. It’s much easier to reach joy when you’re looking at something in wonderment as opposed to your average everyday sight.

Open up to all the possibilities, not just the ones you or someone you know has experienced.  Who says you can’t move things with your mind or time travel?  It’s not just in the movies.  If you can imagine it, you can create.   It’s not science fiction.  It’s simply the power of the universe that is already present that we’re not tapping into out of fear or lack of belief.  Believe in miracles and you’ll see the evidence every day in your life.  Merry Christmas.