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Christophe Côme

My second discovery from the June issue of Architectural Digest is Christophe Côme.  I loved the sideboard of his they featured in the magazine, and surprisingly, liked a lot of his other designs.  I say surprisingly because modern/mid-century design and I have not had a good history together, but it’s growing on me.  I can now see me mixing in some simple pieces with older antiques.  Like David Wiseman, what I’m drawn to about Côme’s work is the mix of metal and glass.  I’ve always loved wrought iron work, and I made it a point to visit the Murano glass factories on my jaunt through Europe during college.  The craftsmanship of these two métiers is mesmerizing to see.

AD June 2013-2

Architecural Digest June 2013

Come green cabinetGreen Cabinet

Come irregular consoleIrregular Console

Come table panelTable Panel

Come 109 Console

109 Console


Book: Olives


Since I enjoyed Mort Rosenblum’s book on chocolate so much, I picked up his earlier book about olives.  Again, Rosenblum selflessly travels around the sun-drenched Mediterranean to visit the various olive growing regions in Olives:  The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit.  I know, tough job.  Well, except for the parts where he describes that he’s primarily in Israel or Croatia covering the wars there as a journalist.  (The book was written in 1996.)  I appreciate olives and olive oil so much more after reading this book.  They’ve played such a huge role in shaping our entire history.  Of course, now I’m on a quest to discover all the different varieties olive oils, and I’m barely at the tip of the iceberg in my wine knowledge.  Luckily, the two can usually be found at the same table, so I can be extra efficient.  I’m sure efficiency is foremost in the minds of the Mediterranean people when they think about food.

David Wiseman

I was reading the June issue of Architectural Digest and made two discoveries on the same page.  Although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen David Wiseman‘s work before, I can’t quite remember where and this is the first time I have a name to put with the beautiful work.  Wiseman works in ceramics, glass and metal crafting amazing nature-inspired lighting, furniture and installations.  I really like the flowers crawling along the ceiling, but I have a special place for all things ginkgo.


David Wiseman ceiling

Flower Ceiling Installation

David Wiseman gingko

Ginkgo Ceiling Installation

David Wiseman branch light

Tree Branch Light

David Wiseman owl table

Owl Coffee Table