Monthly Archives: February 2013

Finding Your Voice

It’s obviously been a while since I last posted.  Since starting a new job in October, I haven’t had as much time to shop and surf, nor have I been able to travel anywhere exciting.  My most recent “trip” was going to Disneyland with my niece and nephew for their birthday, which actually was an awesome day.  Seeing Disneyland through a child’s eyes is much different, not that I’ve seen much of Disneyland; this was only my second trip ever.

I realized that in not posting, I’m also not speaking my truth or finding my voice.  My blog is a place where I can say absolutely anything I want and there are no repercussions.  Most of us bite our tongues a lot in life, with family, with our significant others, at work, even in the grocery store.   Sometimes it’s small things we don’t even notice, but the accumulation of suppressing our voice takes it toll.

There’s freedom in saying exactly what you think, without the filter of “Oh, what are they going to think?” or “Is this going to make someone angry?”  I’m not talking about drunk dialing your cheating ex-boyfriend and telling him what you really think of him.  I’m advocating owning your opinion, whether it’s popular with people around you or not.  What do you think, really?   This isn’t about letting yourself criticize people and spout all sorts of negative comments.  Many people think they’re being witty by insulting someone else; in fact, there’s a French movie called Wit that’s all about the art of the acerbic comment.  The reality is it doesn’t make you amusing to pick someone apart.  Learning to speak up for yourself and state your opinion is something that should be valued and cultivated at every opportunity.  Saying you don’t like something doesn’t mean you’re insulting the creator.  You’re simply saying it’s not your taste.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

We’ve all been taught that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  It’s a good policy to follow, but only if you have the right idea of what something nice is.  If you think you have to lie and tell people you loved something to make them feel better, you’re betraying yourself.  Find ways to stay true to yourself without running over everyone whose  opinions differ from yours.  You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, but so is every other person on Earth.  No one can interfere with your experience unless you allow it.  Finding your voice ensures that the voice you’re listening to for advice is the only one who has your best interests in mind every second of the day.