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The last few weeks seem to have been about transition.  In Los Angeles, the long, hot summer has finally given way to some cooler days.  Obviously, everyone in New York is aware of the changes in the air, what with the double whammy of Sandy and a nor’easter.  Personally, I’ve started a new job, but more than that, I’m feeling like there’s a lot of change that’s coming.  Right now, it’s more in the energetic realm, but I can see that it won’t be too long before all of it starts manifesting physically.  In my opinion, that’s what all the Mayan calendar/end of the world hoopla is really about.  The old way of doing things will end and die out.  We’re not looking at apocalyptic events out of the Book of Revelations, though you might have trouble convincing New Yorkers of that after seeing pictures of lower Manhattan under water.

The transitions I’m talking about are a shifting of perspective and in the ways we do things, even in how we talk to ourselves.  Everything just seems to be easier.  Case in point are the perpetual knots that I’ve had in my shoulders since I was a teenager.  When I recently made a commitment to being easier on myself, I let go of a lot of energetic baggage I’d been carrying around.  Now when I physically massage my shoulders, the knots dissipate, whereas before they were more like resident rocks imbedded under my skin.

Physical change always happens in the energy realm first.  Then there’s that gap in the manifestation.  Staying positive will hasten the physical manifestation, but you need to stay positive because it feels good not because you’re going to be rewarded by something physical.  Your goal is being happy, not accumulating stuff.  You want the stuff because it makes you feel good.  There’s always going to be a gap of time in between your communicating your desire to your Higher Self and the actually physical manifestation.  This is the transition.

You’re no longer the person you were before you had the desire, so energetically you’ve already shifted into a higher understanding, which has spawned the new desire for something, but nothing has physically changed.  This can be a frustrating time because you’re no longer satisfied with what you had before.  You want the new experience, which could be anything from a new car to a new relationship, but it hasn’t physically shown up yet.  The key here is to be in the energy of having.  Your “reality” right now is temporary and is only the thoughts of yesterday.  Today’s thoughts are what create your tomorrow.  If today’s thoughts are “I want this thing I don’t already have”, the Universe brings more wanting of something you don’t have.

Meditation and just plain daydreaming cannot be overemphasized here.  Your energy cannot tell the difference between something you’re imaging or something you’re physically seeing.  The joy of seeing that new car in your driveway, whether it’s in your mind or actually sitting in front of your house is the exact same feeling, the exact same energy.  Imagining what you’ll feel when you have something you want puts you in the energy of having it, which the Universe matches by physically bringing it to you.  If it makes you feel so good just to think about something, you don’t need the manifestation really.  You already have the feeling.  Then the physical manifestation becomes a foregone conclusion.

Transitions can be a bit of a No Man’s Land.  If you’re not careful, you can get stuck there for years saying, where’s my stuff?  You’ve identified what you want, but you keep telling the Universe I don’t have this, so the Universe hears “I want this but I don’t have it” and brings you more of wanting but not having.  Oh look, perfect creation.  Yes, if you’re thinking of it as a science experiment.  As part of your everyday life, it just plain sucks.  You feel like you’ve been on the hamster wheel for years and are never going to get off, which just perpetuates you being on the hamster wheel and the cycle continues.

Learn to navigate the changes and transitions and stay on course.  Daydream as much as possible.  Be that person with her head in the clouds.  Most of us live too much in “reality,” thus perpetuating a reality we don’t want.  Know that there will always be a lag time between the desire and the manifestation.  Since we are in physical form, the manifestation is kind of the whole point of creation to a certain extent.  Truly though, the goal is joy, and you can feel that in any given moment.  Just close your eyes and think about something that makes you happy.  Continue to do that and you’ll notice that everything is lighter and smoother; you’re literally paving the way of your next transition.

Book: By Invitation Only


The co-founders of Gilt Groupe explain their philosophy and the story behind their company in By Invitation Only:  How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop by Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson.  Really more of a business how-to book than a fashion book, it’s such an enjoyable read.  So many successful business owners who write books have businesses that are not the least bit appealing, so even if they have insightful information, it’s like reading a textbook.  I loved By Invitation Only because the authors’ excitement and passion come through, and they’re in a creative industry.  Plus, it’s fashion, so it’s all about the pretty clothes and shoes; closing a deal is always more exciting when it involves Valentino or Louboutin.

I love the way they write in complete, perfect, educated language and grammar, which is not something most people expect from two blondes in the fashion industry, even if both of them did go to Harvard.  They have such amazing insights into the workings of a start-up, tips for businesses, stories about being sleep-deprived executives, and fashion insider information.

The book also makes a point of stressing the different talents that go into starting and running a successful business.  It’s all about playing to your strengths.  Introvert or extrovert, creative or administrative, all are needed.  A&A, as they are referred to affectionately by many close friends and business associates, have written a wonderful book on how to succeed in business by being yourself.  Don’t try to change who you are to match the business or the market.  Use your strengths, talents and passions and build your business around them.  Find something that plays to your skills instead of trying to be something you’re not and never will be.  It’s a good philosophy for life as well; don’t try to be something you’re not.  You’ll be more successful if you just celebrate yourself and do what you love.

Favorite quote:

 It didn’t take the engineers long to figure out that their new coworkers would be a boon to hiring.  Soon they were parading new recruits through the office to observe the scenery…Strangely, an excess of female team member walking around in five-inch heels seemed to help Gilt’s engineers close the deal on some of their more promising recruits.  When they noticed that Leah’s team held model castings on Wednesday mornings in the office, they started scheduling interviews during that time so that prospective hires would walk into Gilt, come face-to-face with a parade of Amazonian models, and think, this is the place for me!

More Random Ramblings in Runyon

More snippets of conversations overheard while hiking Runyon Canyon in Hollywood:

Man on Bluetooth:  “See, say you want to go and have a threesome…”

Woman:  “I cannot do goddamn boring sports.”

Two gay men, very early twenties:
“You had to go to jail at 7am?”
“I had to do the walk of shame. I was still hung-over from the night before.  I had on no makeup.”

Two women in their twenties:
“I like camping but not having my own bathroom drives me crazy.”
“I know.  Doing your makeup…”

A big man, tall and broad, with a white Standard Poodle, French groomed with pompoms on the tail and ankles and sparkly red bows above each eye.  The dog is male and named Rocco.  When I asked the owner about the name, he explained, “He’s a tough tranny poodle.”

Man on the phone, British accent:  “I have never seen Barbra Streisand on the train, ever.”

Woman to the man she was hiking with:
“He’s tried everything.  Since he was seven, his sisters were strippers.  His entire life was…”